Hall in breach of councillor’s code of conduct?

With reference to the council’s planned regeneration of Wealdstone, Cllr Hall, reportedly said: “This (Premier Banqueting) is a very important business, this will be harmful to a lot of people who work for that business. This is their business, their livelihood put on the line here. She said Premier Banqueting, in Canning Road, employs about 120 people, most of whom are Harrow residents”.SH D3
We leave it to the council to determine whether Cllr Hall breached the councillors code of conduct by not safeguarding the financial interest of the council as her public statement potentially enhances the Premier Banqueting’s and diminishes the Harrow council’s negotiating powers in a possibly active contractual deal for the council to acquire the Premier Banqueting, paid by the public money.
Furthermore, the council could finish up paying far more if the owner of the Banqueting hall gets fed up by less assuring political situation at the council and sells the venue to someone else, and the council finish up paying far more to the new owner than the current negotiated price.
Cllr Hall also presented the petition ‘Don’t Force Communities out of Wealdstone’ at the Council meeting on 25 February 2016 which says: ‘Council has announced plans for a new Civic Centre in Wealdstone, which could force out a community banqueting hall, a local temple and undermine local businesses by closing the Peel House car park … putting these popular and valued community assets at risk would be a major loss to Wealdstone and its local economy’.
Cllr Hall said: “It will damage the entire Wealdstone business community”.
The petition was debated at the meeting but Cllr Hall who has a shop in Wealdstone did not declare a pecuniary interest and remained present during the debate.
Again we leave it to the authorities to act as non declaration of pecuniary interest potentially involves the commission of a criminal offence.

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