Harrow council leadership change

Cllr David Perry is to step down as Leader of Harrow Council this May saying “It is now the right time for a new Leader to take up the baton and build on the foundations I have laid”. He became the leader after regaining the council in 2014.
The new leader could either be Cllr Sachin Shah who is responsible for the council’s finances or Cllr Keith Ferry, deputy leader leading the council’s regeneration programme.
Cllr Perry was elected the leader of the Labour group in 2013, followed by the following happenings:
Untitled3Perhaps Cllr Hall, the leader of the less effective Tory group, could follow Cllr Perry example and let the council have a fresh start.
Cllr Hall has a history of leading her group to defeats: lost two by-elections in 2013 and failure to gain the  council  in 2010 and in 2014 where five sitting Tory councillors were defeated despite the London mayor, prime minister and home secretary visits to Harrow to support her council leadership chances.
Lately she failed to declare pecuniary interest while actively presenting Wealdstone petition and saying: “It will damage the entire Wealdstone business community” – she has a shop in Wealdstone. Non declaration of pecuniary interest involves the commission of a criminal offence.