Council on the brink of fresh political start

We hear that as Cllr David Perry is passing on the baton to a new leader of the council, the opposition should also have fresh leadership to put behind a sort of ‘Punch and Judy’ attitude at the council and  to work productively with the administration in the interest of effectively serving the community.
The performance of the Tory group appears weak and hostile under Cllr Hall’s leadership, considering what the group ought to be doing but is not doing.
The feeling is that the opposition should work as a critical friend, assisting the administration whenever possible and suggesting healthy alternatives whenever necessary. There is no point in keep attacking the chief executive who is leading the council’s most challenging regeneration programme.
Since Cllr Hall, the leader of the less effective Tory group, has not followed Cllr Perry example to step down, the leadership challenge in the Tory group is a right move.
MA4It would be welcoming to have a team of calm and well balanced Tory Amirgroup leadership who could harmoniously work with the members and officers of the council – a good combination could be like councillors Marilyn Ashton and Amir Moshenson who have multiple expertises amongst themselves, including place shaping/ planning and critical mind respectively!