Cllr Hall under police investigation

Following our report regarding Councillor Hall’s non-declaration of the pecuniary interest, we now understand that the Harrow Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Hall, is the subject of an investigation by the Metropolitan Police.
The police are investigating allegations that Cllr Hall failed to adhere to Harrow Council’s pecuniary and non pecuniary declaration and propriety rules for its elected councillors.
“We expect better of our elected politicians and Harrow UNISON will take full part in the investigation, if required” informs the Unison press release.
In presenting a regeneration-specific Wealdstone petition at the council meeting, Cllr Hall said: “It will damage the entire Wealdstone business community”.
The petition was debated at the council meeting but Cllr Hall who has a shop in Wealdstone did not declare a pecuniary interest and remained present during the debate, despite being warned that the Tory Group Leader is using her elected and political position in an inappropriate manner which could directly impact on her business and personal economic interests.