Things must be bad for Cllr Hall

Update: Cllr Hall was not seen at the social gathering at the Members Lounge after Harrow Mayor-making on 19/5/2016, perhaps to avoid embarrassment due to the police investigating her non-declaration of pecuniary interest at a council meeting or not to shake hand to greet the incoming mayor Cllr Rekha Shah which conventionally takes place at the entrance of the Members Lounge. 20/5/2016
Despite being asked by the newspapers, leader of the opposition Cllr Hall has not commented on the council’s wise decision to keep the Bridge open.
The centre in Christchurch Avenue for people with mental health problems was proposed for closure due to budgetary reasons.
A petition to save the Bridge was started by the opposition Tory group on the council few months ago, and then it was carried through by the hard fighting campaigners and supporters for the centre.
It is odd for a publicity seeking councillor to miss the front pages but is understandable as Cllr Hall is under police investigation for the reported non-declaration of pecuniary interest at a council meeting where she presented a petition regarding the Wealdstone development. Cllr Hall runs a shop in Wealdstone.
Also, Cllr Hall now leads a highly divided group as 42.31% members of her group did not vote for her at the recent leadership election.