Harrow East MP’s take on vitamin D

Soon after supporting the commonly condemned race specific and divisive campaign for London mayoral election, the Tory MP asked the Secretary of State for Health, how many tests for vitamin D were carried out in England in the last three years and the cost for providing such tests.
It is common knowledge that Asians in the UK have more deficiency of vitamin D and ample statistical information regarding this matter is already in public domain!
bb2Difficult to see Mr Blackman’s interest in the data he has asked for, unless it is to play with the figures to criticise Asian cultural differences, mostly female specific and more in certain female due to less exposure to sun light because of covering their skin while outside etc.
If really interested in the health of all, his helpful question to the health secretary could have been regarding the measures taken to address the lack of vitamin D in our population, particularly the Asians.
For example, raising awareness of the risks of vitamin D deficiency, standardising the definition of 25-hydroxyvitamin D deficiency in winter and summer for comparison, vitamin D supplement during pregnancy and infants to regularly receive a specified amount of vitamin D daily.