All very quiet at the council!

Quite understandable why the Harrow council opposition is almost in hibernation – Cllr Hall, who now leads a highly divided group as 42.31% members of her group did not vote for her at the recent leadership election and the group researcher leaving, is under police investigation – but odd that Harrow council is too quiet about its successes.
For example, the cabinet papers inform about some recent initiatives to improve the place, including the investment in the borough’s infrastructure:
Re-surfaced 22.5 km of Harrow’s 460km road network and carried out 2,000 repairs to carriageways including potholes related work.
Reconstructed 22,129 linear meters of footways and carried out 3,500 repairs to footways to improve safety to residents and visitors.
Replaced around 2,150 lighting columns with LED technology to improve safety and energy efficiency.
Planted over 200 street trees to green the environment.
Refurbishment work at Headstone Manor pavilion – Headstone Manor project is ongoing, and the Great Barn work has been completed in 15/16. The site will be used as for holding events and weddings, providing an income stream going forward.
Improvement to the public realm, creating an identity for the Station Road corridor and engaging businesses and their employees to achieve a sense of ownership, relevance and sustainability.
Master planning work has commenced at various sites and a design team has been appointed for Station Road Quarter to take forward the scheme.
An online platform for local businesses to promote their businesses and offer discounts to Harrow residents.