Harrow voted remain

Remain 54.6% 64042 votes      Leave 45.4% 53183 votes

Good that Harrow reacted moderately to the right-wing politics of hate/ fear/ and scaremongering.
However, Harrow has to face the adverse impact of ‘leave’ like more expensive goods and holidays because of a low pound not seen since 1985.
Describing the economic climate, Dennis de Jong, managing director of UFX.com said, “Britain’s EU referendum has been a cloud hanging over the global economy for the past few months and that cloud has got very dark this morning”.
Harrow politicians now need to resist conceding to UKIP on immigration and challenge far right nationalism as leave vote is seemingly a reflection of anti-austerity anger directed at immigrants.
We glean mixed feelings about the David Cameron resignation.
However, his dignified resignation makes many in Harrow to question why the leader of the Harrow Conservative group Cllr Hall is lingering on, despite a chain of her leadership failures; losing the council in 2010 and 2014 and two by-elections as well as now leading a highly divided group as 42.31% members of her group did not vote for her at the recent leadership election, the group researcher leaving and she being  under police investigation