EU vote – what next?

London March for Europe on 2 July 2016 (click here to watch the video) packed the Whitehall, Westminster Bridge, Parliament Square and adjoining streets – estimated over 50,000 people at a very short notice – giving clear messages:

  • Lies in the EU referendum campaign discredit the referendum outcome
  • We must not let right-wing narrow nationalism divide us
  • Public was misled on all key issues – immigration, economy, democracy – constitutionally, prime minister can/ should ignore the outcome of the advisory referendum which is not binding and it should be up to the parliament to do so
Because of such  strong feelings nationally, in Harrow, that overwhelmingly voted to remain in EU, it would be democratically sound for the Harrow MPs like Mr Blackman, who promoted the divisive Brexit for selfish reasons, to vote ‘ignore’ referendum outcome, if he respects Harrow’s democratic majority vote.