Harrow can’t escape ongoing NHS crisis

While much of public focus has been on the EU referendum, Bexit specific socio-political division across the country and challenges to the political leadership, Health Minister Jeremy Hunt has been busy with a secret plan to force through changes to local NHS services to cut costs.
NHS2Sustainability and transformation plans splits England into 44 areas called ‘footprint’ which will be the basis for how the NHS will be run in future. The plans mean that there will never be funding for the NHS at any point in the future sufficient to fund it to current levels of service.
Therefore, reduction in NHS is eminent with cuts to hospital beds, local walk-in centres or family planning services and so on.
It’s hard to say exactly which services in Harrow are at risk, but the leaked plans for one area show the scale of the threat – it includes axing 500 hospital beds and some emergency ambulances.
In 2013, there were 140 full A&E hospitals in England, there will only be 40-70 left after the STPs are completed.
The plans also mean that people will no longer see doctors as a matter of course and the system would be based around patients using vouchers and personal health budgets – a form of ‘self-pay’!