Black youth offenders remain over represented

Over the years, external inspections of the youth offending work in Harrow have identified need for significant improvements.
Additionally, we reported concerning over-representation of black youth offenders in the youth offending population last September – one year on, there are no obvious plans to address this.BYO
The wordy Harrow Youth Offending Partnership Youth Justice Plan 2015-2018 – Annual Update – before the council cabinet this week, once again informs:
The most notable difference between local demographics and youth offending demographics can be seen in the Black/African/Caribbean/Black British group. This group are considerably over represented, making up only 12.9% of Harrow’s 10-17 population but 32.4% of the youth offending population in 2014/15. Over the past five years this group have been consistently over represented in youth offending services and the figure had been rising year on year from 26.3% in 2010/11 to 36.8% in 2013/14.
However, the strategic aims for the Youth Offending Teams, the Youth Justice Board set outcome indicators or the key priorities for 2015/18 have no mention of addressing the identified over-representation of black youth offenders.
What is also very concerning is that in defending such an omission and coasting, and justifying the over-representation, the council relies on the overall national situation where black people are over-represented in custodial sentences because of the institutional practices within the criminal justice system.
Although the plan informs that a number of staff involved with youth offenders are from Asian or black background, obviously changing a driver does not make a defective vehicle perform any better!