Hall suffers fresh blow

Many feel that Tories under Councillor Hall’s leadership are not effective opposition in holding the Harrow council administration to account, even in matters like the state of cleanliness in the borough, an area that Cllr Hall shadows.
What is also concerning is that Cllr Hall appears to have no confidence in and iffy working relationships with the chief executive since his return to the post that was ‘unilaterally and wrongly’ deleted by her short-lived administration , forcing the chief executive Michael Lockwood to go.

Understandably, the Tory group finds it very difficult to play a positive role in scrutinising and providing council services because of the unhelpful style of Cllr Hall’s leadership that has also seemingly caused division at the constituency and group levels.
For example, a previous Tory councillor processed out of her standing at the Harrow West Conservative Association, Cllr Hall’s strong hold, seems to be nurtured well by Harrow East Conservative Association which is least likely to be under Cllr Hall’s hold!
West Harrow ward councillor Anjana Patel who lost the council election in 2010, primarily because of the heavy-handed implementation of the controlled parking zone under Cllr Hall’s watch, has been selected candidate for the Belmont ward in Harrow East constituency for the council election in 2018, despite Cllr sh5Hall’s objection which was ruled out as being of ‘personal nature’.
Belmont is a safe Tory ward, once represented by well respected Tory leader of the Harrow council, David Ashton.
It looks that Cllr Hall has to live with her embarrassment and face Anjana Patel soon, like she faces the chief executive,  a perpetual reminder of her helplessness!
The Belmont selection was made possible as a long-standing Belmont councillor, close to Cllr Hall, is now to contest from the unwinnable Labour held Kenton East ward in 2018, most probably on his way out.
On top of all this, Cllr Hall is being investigated by the police
Therefore, no surprise that the Tory group members wish to use their voice to make an impact and aim for change of direction to unite and demonstrate strength to voters (Tory group lost the councils in 2010 and 2014 as well as two by-elections in between, under Cllr Hall’s leadership).
Cllr Hall now leads a highly divided group where 42.31% members of her group did not vote for her at the recent leadership election, contested by Cllr Marilyn Ashton, past chairman and a powerful officer in the Harrow East Conservatives Association.