Come clean Bob Blackman MP!

It can only be good that the electronic media provides more and better means for the public to know their elected representatives and hold them to account on matters like MP-specific income and expenses, and the use of their position.bb2
In Harrow, Harrow East constituency is well known for headlines concerning MP expenses. For example, regarding the present MP, the Mirror reported last year that Harrow East Tory MP Bob Blackman was ordered to repay more than £1,000 in wrongly-claimed mileage expenses.
Now there are concerns about the status of the fund-raising by the Bob Blackman MP ‘business club’. Seemingly there is no public information about the money raised – income and expenditure or banking – no statement of accounts at the constituency (HECA – Harrow East Conservative Association) or the Westminster level or at the MP’s website.
The well established club which regularly holds fund-raising events is a thriving money generator: for example, last year the Club organised a Diwali Dinner at Premier Banqueting in Wealdstone, attended by the then Mayor of London Boris Johnson and the Tory Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith as well as 300 paid participants. The event raised over £15,000.
Concerns are also about what influence, if any, was used by the MP Blackman to get his assistant selected as a candidate to contest from the Harrow’s Queensbury ward at the council election in 2018. The assistant Lakshmi Kaul is an Indian occupied Kashmir activist with no obvious interest in Queensbury.
The Harrow East Conservative Association, that nurtures the MP Blackman, selects the council candidates.
Note: Kashmir is a long-standing divide line between India and Pakistan relationships, needing a harmonious and sensitive approach by the global community to resolve the matter.
Most of us in Harrow are proud of our good communal relationships and would like to keep it this way, for example by leaving India and Pakistan situations at the appropriate international level rather than bringing it to Harrow by any political groups and stirring up emotions for political gains.

updated 19/10/2016