Hall now relies on cheap personal attack

Irrespective of the flow of the Harrow cabinet meeting on 13 October 2016 and how the Tory opposition leader Cllr Hall feels about the council’s regeneration project scheme, her personal attack on the leader of the council Cllr Sachin Shah is unacceptable.
SSResponding to Cllr Hall’s comment about Cllr Sachin Shah taking his shoes off at the meeting and the way he was sitting, he explained ‘it was part of his upbringing to take his shoes off while sitting’ and asked for an apology from Cllr Hall but she refused in a tweet return.

SH D3This is not the first time that Cllr Hall’s conduct at a meeting has caused concerns, requiring a corrective action. For example, the Standards Assessment Sub-Committee in its meeting on 27 September 2011 suggested that “Councillor Hall may benefit from training in media and interpersonal training and training in holding voluntary groups and public bodies to account” – Decision Notice gov 008-039/ 442202 followed by
Harrow council’s agreed regeneration strategy can only be good as it addresses housing and community needs, including homes for private rent on Council land, new schools, a new Central Library and a new Civic Centre in Wealdstone.
But of course such exciting plans, paid off partly from capital receipts by the end of the development period, are not good enough for Cllr Hall who has been attacking the plans without offering any alternatives.
Further concern is that Cllr Hall’s intrinsic opposition to the regeneration plans is most probably because of her personal reasons.
Cllr Hall has a shop in Wealdstone and the area will form the hub of a wider package of regeneration initiatives which could initially have some unfavourable parking implications for the locality. There is a serious issue about Cllr Hall’s conflict of interest.
Cllr Hall is under the police investigation.
The council chief executive is enthusiastically leading the regeneration programme since his return to the post that was ‘unilaterally and wrongly’ deleted by Cllr Hall’s short-lived administration in late 2013, forcing the chief executive Michael Lockwood to go.
We hope that the council’s agreed decisions would be honoured by all members of the council in the interest of the residents, irrespective of personal reasons or the personality clashes.