Dead leaves!

imag0209Harrow is well known for its greenery which can only be good but with the greenery comes the need to maintain good environment – for example, to keep public footpaths hazard free in leafing season when the dead leaves make walking surfaces slippery.
imag0217_burst004The Harrow council seems to be doing reasonably well in clearing leaves from the major roads but the side streets which are used more by residents and pose equal or more serious health and safety hazard are full of the leaves and need more than any scheduled clearance.
We have drawn the council attention to this concerning situation and presented a photo sample from a side street (photo: right).
It is good that the council took serious notice of our concern and the Harrow Pride team informed and cleaned the sampled street promptly (photo: left). But there are many other similar streets that require prompt action – we hope that the Council would find a slice of its shrinking budget for leaf clearance in the borough.