Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing!

The rift between Theresa May and Boris Johnson became obvious as Downing Street said that foreign secretary Boris Johnson was not representing the government’s views on Saudi Arabia when he recently accused the state.
Both of them have been in Harrow to support unpopular Tory group leadership that has failed in making any election gains since 2010. Cllr Hall now leads a highly divided group where 42.31% members of her group did not vote for her at the recent leadership election, contested by Cllr Marilyn Ashton, past chairman and a powerful officer in the Harrow East Conservatives Association.
Like in Harrow, Theresa May appears to be self imposed leader as many think this unelected prime minister is not prime minister material.
The recent prime minster and foreign secretary gap has led to interesting social media activity and has prompted questions like ‘Would a Foreign Secretary in any UK government before 2010 have gotten away with what Boris Johnson has on Saudi Arabia?’
The following tweets by someone who has campaigned for Mr Johnson indicate the distorted relationships between the prime minister and foreign secretary: