Last cabinet meeting caused ‘storm in teacup’!

How very interesting that a complaint has been made to chief executive of Harrow Council about the conduct of last cabinet meeting and the leader of the council who was chairing it, knowing well that the chief executive has no jurisdiction over either of these matters.
Also interesting that while the call out by a resident at the meeting when the Tory opposition leader Cllr Hall (photo) was speaking has been capitalised,sands no similar concerns have ever been reported to the council about Cllr Hall’s disruptive behaviour at the cabinet meetings chaired by Cllr Sachin Shah (photo).
For example, the Harrow Times reported on 14 Oct 2016, “Cllr Hall continued to ask questions, despite being told her allocated time was up. She held up a megaphone created from a blue piece of paper, which she had made before the meeting, and said to Cllr Shah: I’m tired of you turning my microphone off.”
Criticising the administration is one thing but hateful personal attacks on its leader, whoever he might be, as indicated by the Cllr Hall’s tweets, again reported by the Harrow Times, is a very different and concerning matter.
Regarding the call out by the resident at the meeting, mature politicians have/ should have the ability to take it on the chin – you can’t just tell the member of public off for spontaneous and emotional outbursts, especially regarding sensitive matters like mental health.
It is very worrying that when elected, some councillors feel untouchable and look down at the residents.
There are many examples of harsh comments/ interruptions at some cabinet meetings where no action was ever taken against the residents for showing respect to the resident’s right to emotional expressions.
For example, during the last council, the chairing leader of the council at the time was regularly personally targeted, including inference to his spoken English.
We hope there is no build up to topple another Asian leader* of the council.

*In mid-2013, a breakaway Independent Labour Group, snatched the council administration from Labour with the support and encouragement from the Tory group leadership. Few months later, the Tory group grabbed the council administration through a highly controversial process and ousted the ILG’s Sri Lankan leader of the council. Harrow finished up with an elected-mayor style short-lived Hall administration and three different council cabinets and administrations within a short period.