Filming at Civic Centre benefits council budget

Like some other London councils, Harrow uses opportunities to raise funds by offering its premises to film-makers on a paid basis.
filming3Scenes of the Entebbe hijack film, filmed in UK and Malta, have been shoot at the civic centre – filming in Malta is allowed after original was banned 39 years ago.
Areas across Harrow Civic Centre are being used for the major scenes for the movie under a Location Agreement which has various non-disclosure clauses to maintain confidentiality on the finances.
“The council has covered all its costs plus made considerable revenue which goes back to the general fund to help meet the overall budget challenges” chief executive office asserts.
However, this fundraising is not good enough for the Tory opposition leader who avails any opportunities to attack the administration, now through petty Internet outlets.
During the filming, some inconvenience to the civic centre users is inevitable, mostly due to the parking suspension last week, but the civic centre has been working smoothly.