Why Harrow Tories selected a ‘divisive’ candidate?

While nationally Tory party asks for supporting the “One Nation movement in Britain”, Harrow East Conservative Association has selected Lakshmi Kaul as a candidate for the diverse and peaceful Queensbury ward for 2018 council election.
lkprotestApparently an Indian national, she is a fierce Indian occupied Kashmir activist, showing lack of confidence in our democratic process. How would such a character help the quality of life of the Harrow and more specifically Queensbury residents?
Kashmir is a legacy of the British Empire and a long standing divide line between India and Pakistan relationships, needing a harmonious and sensitive approach by the global community to resolve the matter.

In view of strong public feelings about the ongoing and recent Indian Army actions in the Indian held Kashmir, Commons debated and overwhelmingly passed a motion on 19 January 2017 regarding the breaches of international human rights on the Indian side of the Line of Control in Kashmir – the only two MPs who voted against the motion included Mr Blackman, well known for using emotions for votes.
Viciously criticising the democratic outcome of the Commons debate on Kashmir, led by the Conservative MP Mr David Nuttall, Lakshmi Kaul wrote  (in case this page is mysteriously removed, we kept an image): It was a mockery of democracy especially because all the MPs representing the Pakistani and Pakistan Occupied Jammu Kashmiri population were speaking almost off a common hymn sheet”.
A good mix of Tory and Labour MPs, most of non-Pakistan background, spoke – several sensible and non divisive Indian-origin UK MPs didn’t bother to turn up for impressing Indian background voters.
She then provoked Indian nationalistic feelings by questioning: where were these same people who claim to be proud Indians when their motherland was being insulted in the UK Parliament by utter twisting and partial representation of facts?”
Lakshmi Kaul’s article, supposedly about the Kashmir debate, is full of toxicity about Pakistan, one of our friendly allies.
For example, she said, “It is important to not forget that the fundamental reason for the situation in Kashmir is the cross-border terrorism sponsored by Pakistan” and that “As for the information of David Nutall and his colleagues, Pakistan’s support has been instrumental in spreading terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir, but also in Punjab and North-eastern Indian states through military, logistical and financial means – this is not the government nor Tory party position.
Wonder why Lakshmi Kaul, who works as assistant to Harrow East MP Bob Blackman, could not make political progress in Brentford & Isleworth Conservatives Association from where she resigned. lk5Could it be that they had no time for such an activist and where her boss Mr Blackman has no influence?
Harrow has many councillors and council candidates from Indian or Pakistani backgrounds but there is no history of showing divisive one-sided extreme attitudes.
We would like to believe that Harrow East Conservation Association was not fully aware of Lakshmi Kaul’s rather divisive political standing and profile at the time of her selection but now they are.
There are many recent national examples of forcefully questioning and holding the political parties responsible for the attitudes of the people they select or appoint. The Tory party has to fit within the same mould as the Labour party has been forced to shape in.