GPs free to organise their work – says Hunt!

drsBased on Harrow experiences, the Harrow Monitoring Group in an open letter to the health secretary Jeremy Hunt asked:
In view of your various and rather confusing statements about the GP work, we are not quite sure what exactly you expect the GPs to do, but focussing on the 10-minute appointment slot, the NHS Choices website does state that “GPs spend an average of 8-10 minutes with each patient” and advises patients to “plan ahead to make sure you cover everything you want to discuss”.
His reply of 16 February 2017 11:55 to us, informs, “as self-employed contractors to the NHS to provide primary medical services, it is largely up to GP practices how they run their surgeries” – almost declaring GP independence!
The NHS England that commissions primary care services had previously said, “How long to allocate to individual patient appointments is at the discretion of individual GP practices, based on patient need, and there are no national limits suggesting 10 minutes should be the norm”.
If what these good people are saying is true, then the government needs not to interfere in the work of the GPs, and the GPs should not be mindful of the clock ticking when attending to the patients.