Harrow needs healthy opposition

The Tory opposition leader  tweeted “Labour’s inability to control the budget will cause many problems for our residents in Harrow”, but she failed to present a shadow budget at the Council meeting last Thursday to enrich the financial decision making – the opposition owed this to the residents.
Budget-making is a key function of the council where the opposition can play a positive role by suggesting budget alternatives.
But then the opposition Tory group, enjoying over £250,000 public money in allowances per year, is very weak under Cllr Hall’s punch & judy style leadership.
For example, the Harrow Times reported on 14 Oct 2016, “Cllr Hall continued to ask questions, despite being told her allocated time was up. She held up a megaphone created from a blue piece of paper, which she had made before the meeting, and said to Cllr Shah: I’m tired of you turning my microphone off.”
Criticising the administration is one thing but hateful personal attacks as indicated by the Cllr Hall’s tweets  about Cllr Sachin Shah taking his shoes off at a cabinet meeting and the way he was sitting, again reported by the Harrow Times, is a very different and concerning matter.
What is also concerning is that Cllr Hall appears to have no confidence in or respect* for the chief executive since his return to the post   that was ‘unilaterally and wrongly’ deleted by her short-lived fluke administration , forcing the chief executive Michael Lockwood to go.
*(hopefully some Retweets, seemingly by her, of the Childish impersonation of Michael Lockwood by @MikeJLockwood are still at @Councillorsuzie (e.g. her retweets of 18/1/17 & 16/2/17) warning: in a hit & run action, some tweets and retweets are often deleted – we try to image these).
SH D3Therefore, no surprise that the Tory group members wish to use their voice to make an impact and aim for change of direction to unite and demonstrate strength to voters (Tory group lost the councils in 2010 and 2014 as well as two by-elections in between, under Cllr Hall’s leadership).
Cllr Hall now leads a highly divided group where 42.31% members of her group did not vote for her at the recent leadership election (the leadership challenge is likely to be more successful this time – for example, the potential challenger from Harrow East is taking active part in the forthcoming Roxbourne by-election in Harrow West).