Tories all set to lose another Harrow by-election, many say!

Seemingly the Labour candidate Maxine Henson is all set to comfortably win the Roxbourne Ward by-election on 9 March 2017, called due to the sad death of Cllr Bob Currie.
Labour’s share of votes at the ward was 31% higher than Tories at the last council election.
Added to this, Tories have been consistently facing defeats under Cllr Hall’s leadership – lost the councils in 2010 and 2014 and two by-elections in between.
Cllr Hall now leads a highly divided group as 42.31% members of her group did not vote for her at the last leadership election.
People rightly say that the Tory opposition group under its politically immature leadership can’t be taken seriously, for example they failed to present a shadow budget at the last Council meeting to enrich the financial decision making – they owed this to the residents…. read more by clicking here
Many believe that the pattern of Tory defeats would continue at the Kenton East by-election for similar reasons.