Council opposition not serious about housing crisis!

Harrow’s opposition Tory group leader Cllr Susan Hall attacks Labour London Mayor for approving plans to build 186 homes, of which 41 per cent will be affordable, in Palmerston Road, Wealdstone, saying that his tower blocks decision was “disrespectful” to people living nearby – Cllr Hall has a shop in the area.
The mayor Sadiq Khan who is prioritising building thousands of new homes a year to address the housing crisis in the capital, has previously expressed concern over a lack of affordable housing in Harrow.
It is very concerning that those playing planning2political point scoring, don’t know or don’t care about the housing needs in Harrow or what the people in temporary accommodations go through.
Such is the dire housing situation in Harrow that 700 households are in temporary accommodation and an additional 700 families on the waiting list for social housing.
There is a substantial gap in supply and demand for truly affordable accommodation in Harrow.
Whilst Harrow is building their own homes for the first time in over a decade, and is also buying homes in and outside borough for temporary accommodation, the demand continues to outweigh the supply. This significantly adds to the plight of the homeless.
For example, when someone turns down temporary accommodation offered, the council’s housing duty under the Homelessness Act 2002 ends without any real second chance, even if a property offered has been repeatedly refused by many, raising a question about its suitability.
The internal reviews mostly reject the reasons for refusing council’s offer, leading to ‘intentional’ homelessness.
The information received from the Harrow council, includes: