‘Divisiveness’ and ‘fake news’ hit Harrow East

At the time when serious efforts are being made to enhance national unity, Harrow East Conservative Association nurtured Bob Blackman MP (Con), who has seemingly calculated his votes, continues to play divisive game, this time most probably to influence the outcome of the Kenton East by-election in Harrow East.
He tabled an Early Day Motion (1107) on 23 March 2017, condemning Pakistan about Gilgit-Baltistan as its Fifth Frontier, asserting that the area is part of the Indian controlled Jammu and Kashmir.
Kashmir is a legacy of the British Empire and a long standing divide line between India and Pakistan relationships, needing a harmonious and sensitive approach by the global community to resolve the matter.
The motion signed only by Mr Blackman has not been debated nor it is likely to be discussed as very few EDMs are actually debated or have any legislative effects.
But an Indian electronic media (India Today)* carried a fake news on March 25, 2017 that the British Parliament has declared Gilgit-Baltistan belongs to India and it called the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as illegal.
No surprise about such a mischievous and false news or the resulting  misleading celebratory tweets from India, but what is most concerning is that Mr Blackman has retweeted many of these (example) rather than condemning the false reporting.bb5bb2
Mr Blackman’s visits to India and Indian high commissioner in London have dramatically increased since he found his assistant Lakshmi Kaul who is an Indian-held Kashmir activist with her own agenda*she is no stranger to India Today either.
Previously Mr Blackman has actively sided with the negativities associated with Brexit campaign and the last London Mayor election.
He is also well known to give a sense of stirring up emotions for votes by taking side with international situations like India-Pakistan tension.  No one recalls such underhand practices by any previous Harrow MPs.
Harrow is  proud of its good communal relationships and would like to keep it this way, for example by leaving India and Pakistan situations at the appropriate international level rather than bringing it to Harrow by any political groups and stirring up emotions for political gains.