Kenton East by-election dirty politics – Harrow East MP must condemn fake news

Following the crushing defeat at the Roxbourne by-election few weeks back, Tories are desperate to show improvement at the Kenton East by-election.
A fake news is circulating in India and brought to Harrow through tweets etc that an early day Commons motion sponsored by the Harrow East MP Bob Blackman (the only signatory) supporting India and condemning Pakistan regarding the Kashmir region, has been debated and passed by the Commons, even creating a visual illusion of a Commons debate  where Theresa May viciously speaking for the motion (no sound)!!
The motion has never been moved, debated or resolved nor this is likely to happen.
bb10Bob Blackman has not issued any correcting statements to Indian press despite that his assistant, an Indian controlled Kashmir activist and a Queensbury ward candidate who claims to have an Indian journalist background, is well connected with the Indian news outlets.
Not only this, but Bob Blackman has been colluding with the fake news based tweets from India, most probably by the friends of his assistant, by retweeting these without any mention that the news has been faked.
The plot
March, 22: Bob Blackman reported his meeting with the Indian high commissioner in London.
March, 23: Bob Blackman signs the early day Commons  motion re ‘annexation of Gilgit-Baltistan by Pakistan’ in a show of support for India, most probably to influence the outcome of the Kenton East by-election.
March, 25: the fake news was pumped to India and was reported as “A motion was passed in the British Parliament condemning Islamabad’s announcement declaring Gilgit-Baltistan as its fifth frontier, saying the region is a legal and constitutional part of Jammu and Kashmir”.
To prove his decency and integrity, Bob Blackman must publically condemn the fake news revolving around him and implicating not only the Commons but also the prime minister.