Condition of Harrow streets now!

Having heard different stories about the condition of some Harrow streets and areas, we wanted to test water and carried out sample check of the street conditions and area appeal, particularly in the wards neglected pre 2010 under Cllr Hall’s environment watch, resulting in shabby outlook.
The photographic evidence (video below) suggests that Harrow council has made impressive progress in uplifting the previously dull and depressing areas.
(Click the play button to play – fullscreen by clicking the fullscreen button – bottom right – last)


Overall, Harrow is now clean and tidy – most areas are almost litter-free.
In many cases, road surfaces and pavements have also been renewed, presenting pleasant and calm atmosphere.
Although Harrow environment has improved a lot since 2010, there are challenges like the random fly-tipping and condition of streets in some parts of South Harrow.