Tory campaign backlash!

Hirani2The voters question the seriousness of the Tory candidate for the Kenton East by-election on 20 April as well as the basis of Tory campaign – party or religion (photo).
Tory candidate Nitesh Hirani, headhunted for increasing Tory share of votes, has no track record of any socio-political interests in Harrow other than a local temple, confirmed by his introductory leaflet.
Moreover, his ‘plan’ in  the leaflet done by the Conservative Campaign Headquarters in central London who have no idea of the local issues, shows some bones that have no chance of having any meat – even if elected, he will only be subsumed in an ineffective opposition Tory group that is not taken seriously.
For example, how he could keep the council tax low when the Tory group has no real understanding of budget making and has failed to present a shadow budget.
The questionable  position of the Tory candidate is well supplemented by Bob Blackman MP (Con), nurtured by the same Harrow East Conservative Association, who continues to play divisive games, this time to influence the outcome of this by-election in Harrow East.
Mr Blackman’s visits to India and Indian high commissioner in London, helped by his assistant who is an Indian-held Kashmir activist, have dramatically increased and he has even colluded with the fake news regarding his activities.
Publicity seeking Mr Blackman claims that he speaks on behalf of “Hindus” – a “majority” of his constituents.
What Mr Blackman says is insulting. Like anyone else, we are far more concerned about British issues like austerity measures, NHS crisis, adverse impact of Brexit and increased far right ideology. He has failed to represent our real concerns” said Jaiya Shah, chairman Harrow Council for Justice, who lives in the Harrow side of Kenton and is a long-standing active member of the community that Mr Blackman claims to represent.
All this does not present a positive picture of Tory politics in Harrow and raises a serious question about their electability.