Labour could lose Kenton East!

Although the Labour candidate has been far more interested in the local residents, issues and could represent the wider community much more effectively as being a part of the council administration, Tories might win Kenton East by-election on 20 April for different reasons:
• the Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) is playing an active part in the campaign, including telephone canvassing and forcefully directing the Conservative friends of the Asian countries to participate in the by-election campaign – the CCHQ interest is obviously to use a favourable outcome of the by-election to politicise Jeremy Corbyn factor
• divisive statement by Bob Blackman, Tory MP for Harrow East, that he speaks on behalf of his “Gujarati”/ “Hindu” constituents, though resented , could influence the voting as could his individualised letter of support to the Kenton East residents
• though the Tory candidate for the by-election has no track record of any wider community work, he is well placed within the temple structuresKE1
• rather bitter Belmont sitting Tory councillor who was moved to Kenton East for the 2018 council election (photo), seemingly to give way to a Harrow West refused Tory activist – is keen to use his temple experience to show who is who as well as to pave the way for his success in 2018
• following the Harrow West Tories crushing defeat at the Roxbourne by-election few weeks back, the rival Harrow East Tories are keen to show their muscles to impress the opposition Tory group on the council which has not been taken seriously under Cllr Hall’s leadership
Tory share of votes was 35.7% compared with Labour’s 46.6% at the council election in 2014.
While Tories might succeed in the political play, how does this help Kenton East residents and issues?