What if Tories win Kenton East?

Nothing unusual about political party headquarters supporting a constituency by-election, but it is highly usual to almost take over campaign for a ward by-election as the Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) has done in the case of Kenton East by-election.
Both Lizzie Lumley, Tory Campaign Director for London, and Bob Blackman MP for Harrow East are energetically driving the campaign for the party political gains.

TWsWe have previously reported Bob Blackman’s  divisive statement that he speaks on behalf of his “Gujarati”/ “Hindu” constituents in international disputes, as well as his individualised letters to certain residents.
The CCHQ interest is obviously to use a favourable outcome of the Kenton East by-election to rubbish Labour leadership and point score at the United Kingdom local elections next month.
How does this, along with the following, help Kenton East residents or issues?

If elected, inexperienced Tory candidate sitting in the opposition Tory group on the council, tightly controlled by its vindictive leadership, is most likely to be ineffective in representing Kenton East.
Tory group has lost the councils in 2010 and 2014 and three by-elections, under Cllr Hall’s leadership.
People rightly say that the opposition Tory  group under its politically immature leadership can’t be taken seriously, for example the group failed to present a shadow budget at the Council meeting to enrich the financial decision making – they owed this to the residents…. read more by clicking here
Added to this is Cllr Hall’s concerning conduct at the council meetings and childish social media encounters.