Harrow options for 8th June!

Harrow East and Harrow West constituencies

Labour candidates for the constituencies are from Harrow and have a long track record of interest in local issues and services – both were Harrow Councillors.
NGGareth Thomas is seeking re-election from Harrow West.  Navin Shah, a London Assembly member for Brent and Harrow, is contesting the Harrow East seat, challenging Bob Blackman who he defeated at a previous London Assembly election.
The Labour candidates are committed to deal with the Tory government inflicted crisis that has serious  implications for Harrow in NHS, schools and police – like the impact of 400m cut in London police funding, 15m cut to Harrow schools and lowest level  of NHS funding per person in Harrow, threatening the local hospital and walk-in health centres; for example, the hospitals have to seek funding approval, sometimes unsuccessfully, from the starving Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group for many treatments/ operations.
At the national level, the Labour has pledged for creating more jobs, building new homes, stronger employment rights, a new national education service to benefit all, increased local and regional democracy, as well as to ensure that the human rights of all citizens are respected so that all are protected from discrimination/ prejudice.
On the other hand, the Tory candidates for the constituencies are from outside Harrow, and have little to offer which could benefit all in Harrow.
bb10Bob Blackman (photo) , for Harrow East, prints a log of his attendance as MP at socio-cultural events and at his so called ’street surgeries’ which are no more than political door knocking by Tory party members for which he most probably claims mileage ( Mirror reported that the MP was ordered to repay more than £1,000 in wrongly-claimed mileage).
He talks about national matters like the employment figures, living wage and school expansion programme as if these are his doings!
Hannah David, for Harrow West, almost deserted Harrow after 2015 defeat, except that  “Hannah was delighted to rally the troops today in support of Conservative Mayoral Candidate, Zac Goldsmith” – the Goldsmith campaign was worst racist campaign in recent times. It is the experience like this type of negativity that made the clergy to sermon against divisiveness.
Hannah David has nothing really to offer except to send “Theresa May back to Downing Street”.
HDAlso, Hannah David’s Asiatic image is over-shadowed by the Harrow East Tories divisive politics (1) (2) .
Added to all this,
an ineffective Tory opposition group on the council does not give  a positive picture of Tory politics in Harrow.
At the national level, Brexit set to dominate the Tory election campaign strategy – for example, guarantees to end free movement of EU citizens, to leave the European single market and to end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, broadly matching UKIP agenda.
Very interesting that far right are attracted to UKIP and now UKIP voters are attracted to Tories as confirmed by the council election 2017 results.
Theresa May’s claim that she will be strengthened in the Brexit talks by a general election victory has been dismissed as nonsense by the European parliament’s Brexit coordinator, former Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt, who has condemned the prime minister as a “political opportunist”.