Do Tories fit Harrow West mould?

Harrow West characteristic has significantly changed over the years.
While Labour MP candidate Gareth Thomas, seeking re-election, is local and has a long track record of interest in Harrow issues and services, Tory candidate is a posh outsider.
Hannah David and her fellow aristocratic Tories from the leafy areas who come to support her and claim helping “Theresa May deliver for Britain, through Brexit and beyond”, show no obvious interest in the plight of Harrow West.
Harrow West is symbolic of inner city deprivation in many ways – one such area is child poverty.
In Harrow, approximately, 6,100 children aged 0-5 years live in the 30% most deprived areas.
Child poverty levels in Harrow are 18.5% before housing costs (BHC) and rise to 28.7% after housing costs (AHC).  Poverty rises in some of the more deprived wards  in Harrow West – for example, Roxbourne has the highest percentage of child poverty levels with 28.5% BHC rising to 42% after AHC. Marlborough, Greenhill, West Harrow and Roxeth have the next highest child poverty levels in the borough.
Those attending food banks, CAB, registering unemployed, increase in temporary accommodation, rent arrears and debt all indicate pressures families face and can be barometers of poverty levels in Harrow.
food bankMany of these pressures are because of the Tory government policies and practices like austerity measures, changes to benefits and welfare, and the universal credit?
Very interesting that Hannah David’s glossy political literature, photo opportunities and her visiting  Tory hierarchy are silent about factors leading to deprivation in Harrow.
They have no time or commitment to understand that although Harrow isn’t comparatively deprived at a borough average level, there are significant pockets of deprivation and inequality in the borough, mostly in Harrow West.
Tories crushing defeat at the recent Roxbourne by-election indicates what sort of representatives Harrow West residents don’t want.