Leave her alone!

RLNo need for personalised comments on Rebecca Lury story recently published by the Harrow Time.
Rebecca Lury (photo), brought up in Harrow, is Labour MP candidate for the Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner constituency which covers both Harrow and Hillingdon.
This is a safest Tory seat held by Nick Hurd who is sitting with over 20,000 majority.
The “nasty” comments allege that Rebecca Lury has not been ‘transparent’ about her work and family life which other have said has nothing to do with her candidacy.
In contrast with Nick Hurd who is in a sort of hereditary seat and only pops up when there is an election, Rebecca Lury shows good understanding of matters of interest to the residents.
Social care is in crisis in this country. I want to find a sustainable funding mechanism for finding care in this country, whilst protecting our local hospitals and health services” says Rebecca Lury.
On education, she said, “The Conservative cuts to school funding will have a devastating effect on local schools. I want to see all children given a chance to achieve their potential. And I will work with the local Council to protect the future of Pinner Wood School”.
Many say that the Tory  brand Theresa May in their presidential style election campaign has no value in Europe or merit for Brexit.  Also, that Mrs May called the snap election to save her Commons majority just in case CPS prosecutes any Tory MPs under investigation for alleged election irregularities.