Council time wasted!

Many who attend the Harrow council cabinet meetings report personal attacks and disruptions by Councillor Hall and her deputy in trying to score petty political points, more so since the leader of the council Councillor Sachin Shah has chaired the meetings.
Criticising the administration is one thing but hateful personal attacks, as reported by the Harrow Times, is a very different and concerning matter.
sh5More recently at the cabinet meeting on 27 April 2017, Cllr Hall (photo)  heavily targeted Cllr Whitehead and  asked 24 questions regarding Cllr Whitehead’s official visit overseas.
If Cllr Hall saw anything suspicious about the visit, there are many internal procedures to probe and the Standards regime at the council is one of these.
Councillors are given 15 minutes at the cabinet meetings, standard procedures for many years, to ask questions about the work of the council. Cllr Hall shows no respect to the procedures.
At the cabinet meeting on 27 April 2017, Cllr Hall asked, “Why have you failed to answer 88 of our questions from the Cabinet meeting on 16th February” and she along with a few  of her councillors asked further 72 questions at the meeting.
There is no way such a high volume of questions could be answered in 15 minutes at the meeting. In any case, most of the questions are for point scoring or could easily be discussed with the officers through the regular opposition’s briefings.
It is a known fact that officers prepare answers to the written questions – preparing answers to the hundreds of fun questions is a huge drain on the council’s shrinking resources and  thus has serious implications for the services to residents.
Added to all this is the sort of childish behaviour that the Harrow Times reported, “Cllr Hall continued to ask questions, despite being told her allocated time was up. She held up a megaphone created from a blue piece of paper, which she had made before the meeting, and said to Cllr Shah: I’m tired of you turning my microphone off.”
People rightly say that the opposition Tory  group under its immature leadership can’t be taken seriously, particularly as it fails its important role like to present a shadow budget to enrich the financial decision making ….  read more by clicking here
Hope Cllr Hall’s concerning council  behaviour would not extend to London assembly that is also headed by an Asian.
Cllr Hall is likely to be an assembly member purely by chance!