Tory candidates avoiding Harrow issues

While Bob Blackman and Hannah David are busy in spreading the hysteria that Brexit would collapse without Theresa May as the prime minister, and infiltrating in Indian origin families and temples, a dominant feature of their electoral politics, they are ignoring the Harrow issues:
£15m cuts to Harrow schools
•threat of closing down police station and inadequacy of police officers – lost 160 officers in Harrow since 2010
•Conservative rate rises damaging businesses
•inadequate funding for Northwick Park and Harrow CCG (clinical commissioning group)
•need for more affordable housing: over 700 households in temporary accommodation and an additional 700 on waiting list for social housing – the demand continues to outweigh the supply
Regarding Theresa May: can she be trusted to lead Britain, given:
•U-turn on ‘dementia tax’: first saying she wouldn’t cap the cost of social care and then changing her mind when hit with bad headlines – though sugar coated, the threat is still there
•wanted to deal with the huge pay packets of CEOs but when corporations kicked up a fuss, she U-turned
•promised that NHS spending would increase every year but the amount spent per person has fallen
•funding for every school pupil was supposed to increase but spending per pupil is being cut for the first time since the 1990s according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies
•unconditionally supporting Donald Trump who is putting the UK to the back of the queue on future trade deals despite his original promise to prioritise us after Brexit
•avoiding scrutiny from the public and the press e.g. shying away from TV debates