Blackman not supported!

statementWe can’t support Bob Blackman because we strongly believe that an MP should represent all constituents on equal footing without taking sides, stirring up religious emotions for votes and dividing the communities in the process.
bb10We can’t support his divisive politics that has recently been rejected by the leaders of the community concerned.
Moreover, referring to 2015 Harrow East Tory campaign, fortnightly columnist at Hindustan Times Sunny Hundal‏ tweeted, “This is astonishing. Tory MP in London playing Hindu divide-and-rule caste politics with leaflets for Hindus. Nasty”.
Thousands of leaflets were distributed urging people to vote Tory so that legislation outlawing caste discrimination could be blocked.
Describing the Harrow Tories’ “unashamedly religiously divisive” tactics at the last general election, the then Labour candidate for Harrow East Uma Kumaran said they “really brought the worst politics of the sub-continent into our general election campaign”.
Sinking to those depths certainly left divisions in Harrow – you can’t claim to represent everyone if that’s how you win” she stated.
Also, we have first-hand knowledge of Mr Blackman’s divisive politics when he was the leader of the Brent council and we were Brent council officers.
He came under fire after he tweeted that he was glad he had blocked moves by Brent Council to honour Nelson Mandela.
Furthermore, there are concerns about his use of the public money: Mr Blackman was questioned about employing his wife at his MP office with no regards to equal opportunities and that public taxes are paying for the wife and husband decides whether she is worth £35,000 or £45,000!
The Mirror reported that Bob Blackman MP was ordered to repay more than £1,000 in wrongly-claimed mileage.