What happens in macro, happens in micro – Tory story!

The politics has rapidly turned: Theresa May’s rhetorical slogan ‘strong and stable leadership’ for Brexit has crumbled under public/ press scrutiny and eventually fizzled out, gaining the public given title ‘weak & wobbly’.
Also, regarding Theresa May’s absence from TV debates, question posed is: if she can’t debate, can she negotiate?
Seeing the disastrous TV performances by their leader, some weak Tory candidates, including in Harrow, are now avoiding public forums.
Tory candidates for Harrow East and Harrow West, Bob Blackman and Hannah David, respectively, are trying to avoid Harrow voters serious concerns about:
•social care “Dementia Taxes” which will deprive hard-working Harrow families of their inheritance
•Harrow NHS receives less money per head with the implications like the Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) running deficit budget and adversely effecting patient care
•main Harrow police station threatened with closure
•Bob Blackman supporting fox hunting – barbaric way of killing animals
•Bob Blackman was ordered to repay £1000 for “inaccurate mileage expenses” by the parliamentary standards authority
•divisive politics [1], [2]
Hannah David’s position becomes more shaky as she has turned down invitation to hustings.
If true, this raises concerns about the firmness of the candidate and her priorities for and  interest in Harrow residents.
A Harrow West resident’s comment sums up the general feelings about Tory absence: “I’m shocked that the Conservative keeps avoiding chances to meet Harrow voters – what is she hiding?”