Hannah David in deep water!

Hannah David ‘owns stake in husband’s firm that helps wealthy people pay less tax using tax havens’, Mirror reports! Concern is how can Hannah David represent ordinary people in Harrow West who pay their taxes and yet see their NHS, police and public services cut.

While people are wondering why sudden terror attacks before election, brutally killing innocent people, and who politically benefits from these barbaric acts, leaflets from the MP candidates are pouring through the Harrow letterboxes.
Harrow East Tory candidate Bob Blackman is avoiding local issues, leaning on temple blessings, the Conservative friends of this or that, Lord Popat’s letter to certain households and trying hard to sell Tory brand name Theresa May.
On the other hand, Labour candidate Navin Shah has focused on local matters like getting dedicated neighbourhood police teams and improved funding for local services.
Similarly Harrow West Labour candidate Gareth Thomas pledges for local issues like more police for Harrow, a better connected Harrow and to lead parliamentary campaign against £500 per pupil cut across Harrow under Tory’s new funding formula.
A rather interesting leaflet is from Harrow West UKIP candidate Rathy Alagaratham who has tried to make UKIP look normal with no mention of her party’s policies like introducing blue passports, ban on new immigrants using the NHS for five years, no automatic right to stay for EU migrants, prescribing what women should/ should not wear, to tighten regulation of ‘Jewish and Islamic butchery’, or the UKIP trump card ‘immigration’ and ‘Brexit’.  Perhaps she knew what is there in the Tory leaflet!
Harrow West Tory candidate Hannah David’s leaflet is all about Brexit, what Theresa May has done and intends to do – selling hard Theresa May. It looks Hannah David has nothing to offer to the voters.
Furthermore, as far as we know Hannah David has not distanced herself from the hateful materials.