The chance to change direction!


People’s leader Jeremy Corbyn: track record of inclusive policies and practices – for many and not few – honest and stable to rebuild and transform Britain – workable manifestos ready to be delivered – practical  and balanced approach to national security and international situations.
Theresa May: believed to remain in EU but now capitalising on Brexit – lacks sophistication of ideas at public debates (mostly declined), therefore uncertainty about her rigour at the EU negotiating table – damaging home security (information about terrorists not acted upon, working with the financial supporters of terrorists) –  “dementia tax” that endangers inheriting parents home (far more implications for Asian community) –  the elite funders of the Tories will be protected through tax havens and offshore trust structures – underfunding of NHS, police, and schools – younger generation will be over £50,000 in debt by the time they leave university.
Gareth Thomas and Navin Shah: from Harrow – previous Harrow councillors – focussing on local matters like improved funding for local services, more police for Harrow, a better connected Harrow and campaign against £500 per pupil cut across Harrow under Tory’s new funding formula.
Bob Blackman and Hannah David: from outside Harrow – divisive (have calculated their votes and show interest only in certain communities), avoiding local issues, leaning on the Conservative friends of this or that and trying hard to sell Tory brand name Theresa May.
Mr Blackman was questioned about employing his wife at his MP office with no regards to equal opportunities and that public taxes are paying for the wife and husband decides whether she is worth £35,000 or £45,000!
The Mirror reported that Bob Blackman MP was ordered to repay more than £1,000 in wrongly-claimed mileage.
Hannah David owns stake in husband’s firm that helps wealthy people pay less tax using tax havens, Mirror reported! Concern is how Hannah David can represent ordinary people in Harrow West who pay their taxes and yet see their NHS, police and public services cut.