No political change in Harrow!

Bob Blackman retains Harrow East seat but with much reduced majority.
His retention is apparently because of how he sells himself – the Jewish Chronicle reported that he  describes himself as a “Chrinjew – a Christian with Jewish roots, and an honorary Hindu”.
Another reason for the result is that while he has canvassed in Harrow East for years (promoting his divisive politics), Navin Shah (Lab) had only few weeks to cover the constituency with minimum manpower and resources.
Navin Shah fought a clean campaign and did very well under the circumstances, achieving +5.3 swing and reducing Bob Blackman’s majority from 4,757 in 2015 to 2,757 1,757 (Blackman 25,129  Shah 23,372 – turnout 71.07%).
Gareth Thomas (Lab) effectively used massive resources and retained his Harrow West seat with much increased majority – from 2,208 in 2015 to 13,314 with +13.9 swing  (Thomas 30,640  David 17,326  –  turnout 72.33%).
Hannah David (Con) lost Harrow West once again, despite tremendous support from her party.
She had nothing really to offer to local residents except promoting Theresa May, who now appears to be political liability. Moreover, she could not distance herself from the divisive materials  
Both Tory candidates were wise enough not to profile the opposition Tory group leader Cllr Hall, who renders only political defeats