Time for Cllr Hall to step down

Prime Minister Theresa May is “a dead woman walking” who will inevitably face a leadership challenge, former Tory Chancellor George Osborne has said.
A similar situation seems to exist  in Harrow where many Tories are expecting Cllr Hall to step down as the leader of the opposition Tory group on the council. This opportunity arises as Cllr Hall is likely to be a London assembly member by default.
SH D3People rightly say that the opposition Tory group under its immature leadership can’t be taken seriously, particularly as it fails its important opposition role like to present a shadow budget to enrich the financial decision making.
Cllr Hall attacks plans to build much needed 186 homes, of which 41 per cent will be affordable, in Palmerston Road, Wealdstone – Cllr Hall has a shop in the area.
Cllr Hall now relies on cheap personal attacks .
Council time wasted! Many who attend the Harrow council cabinet meetings report personal attacks and disruptions by Councillor Hall and her deputy in trying to score petty political points, more so since the leader of the council Councillor Sachin Shah has chaired the meetings.
No surprise that the Tory group members wish to use their voice to make an impact and aim for change of direction to unite and demonstrate strength to voters (Tory group lost the councils in 2010 and 2014 as well as two by-elections in between, under Cllr Hall’s leadership) …  read more by clicking here
Although Cllr Hall’s presence was not welcomed at the recent general election Tory campaigns in Harrow, the Tory image under Cllr Hall leadership had serious implications for Tory candidates – Bob Blackman’s majority was brutally slashed from 4,757 in 2015 to 1,757 in Harrow East despite all his divisive politics, and Hannah David badly lost Harrow West giving Gareth Thomas (Lab) unprecedented +13.9 swing.