Disrespect for Grenfell Tower fire victims

Update: We glean community concerns about systematically watering down the Grenfell Tower fire disaster, the Finsbury Park mosque terror attack and sharp rise in far right extremist elements. Social media, now a much stronger voice, is full of far right venom which has wider and significant impact.  What Harrow and others need is honest information and reassurance – no down-playing!

It can only be good that Harrow played its part in supporting the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.
It was very graceful of the Queen and Prince William to visit a relief centre for Grenfell Tower fire victims last Friday (16.6.2017). They met volunteers, residents, community representatives and comforted victims. All this has been widely appreciated.
Equally appreciated is the tremendous community help and support for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire disaster – the police confirmed that at least 79 people have died (many say that the number has been played down).
Jeremy Corbyn promptly visited the scene of the fire, warmly shared the community grief, extensively interacted with people and reassured his care and support.
In contrast with all this, government response has been very patchy, lacking warmth and reassurance, resulting in public pain and anger being directed at them.
It took several hours nagging on twitter and directly questioning her silence on the day of the Grenfell Tower disaster, including by the Harrow Monitoring Group, that Theresa May acknowledged the tragedy in few shallow words.promo321801981
Similarly under strong criticism for her somewhat ‘cold-fish’ attitude to the tragedy, Theresa May eventually visited the scene last Thursday (15.6.2017), one day after the tragedy, talked to firemen but failed to meet the community workers or survivors of the tragedy.
Again there were hundreds of tweets condemning Theresa May’s half-hearted and superficial response.
Queen’s visit on Friday and her warmth towards people concerned, provided a lesson to Theresa May and she hurriedly visited some injured in the fire, later on the Friday.
However, still no public appearances by her strategically appointed housing minister Alok Sharma or the community secretary Sajid Javid to share public sorrow or concerns regarding the health and safety aspects of the tower.
Grenfell Tower in the heart of a richest borough provides council housing mostly to poor, deprived and vulnerable, and has previously known health and safety concerns. Provisions for the fire survivors give a sense of refugee camps in this rich borough!
The bitter question in many minds is why the young, old and vulnerable inhabitants of this tower block are treated so disrespectfully and insensitively by the local council and the central government.
For example, no government directive to show formal respect to the innocent victims of the Grenfell Tower fire by observing one minute silence – do all lives matter?