Tory politics divisive – playing on sectarian issues

NS2London assembly member Navin Shah has thanked Harrow East residents for supporting him at the last general election – he was Labour candidate for the seat.
Mr Shah achieved +5.3 swing, slashing Bob Blackman’s (Con) majority from 4,757 in 2015 to 1,757 (Blackman 25,129  Shah 23,372 – turnout 71.07%).
I’m proud of positive and clean campaign we ran in Harrow East. It was a campaign fuelled by and fought with nothing other than love, friendship, family and the kindness and determination of some of our local activists, volunteers and party members who had the strength and imagination to believe that the supposed ‘impossible’ was actually completely possible” said Mr Shah.
Mr Shah had only few weeks to campaign in the general election, called by Theresa May in panic, where the bulk of Labour resources were invested in the other constituency, Harrow West.
Mr Shah has pointed out that in the last few years Tories locally have seen it fit to run negative campaign risking division than forging unity.
As an example, Mr Shah mentioned a resident’s letter to him that said:  “I’m really upset when letters by the Tory Party, recently one signed by Dolar Popat are being circulated. This sort of politics is divisive and playing on sectarian issues. The Labour Party needs to say something. Politics is secular. I’m an East African Asian of Jain background. I do not want to be lumped with any religion.”
Commenting on the divisive campaign, Mr Shah added, “The general election also saw the same old issues like Kashmiri Pundits and caste legislation dragged out for the Tory propaganda to find cheap favours amongst Indian / Hindu voters”.
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