Harrow East MP hits out at schools for their funding concerns

At the Commons on 27 June, Tory MP for Harrow East Bob Blackman asked the secretary for education, “Will she condemn the propaganda that is still going out from schools and the unions, claiming that there will be vast reductions in expenditure on a per pupil basis”?bb10
The national funding formula (NFF)  proposed by the 2015 Government would be used to calculate and distribute core revenue funding for mainstream schools in England – at present, funding levels are determined through a combination of national and local funding decisions.
The NFF will mean further cuts for some schools on top of what National Audit Office warned that schools in England were facing an 8% real-terms cut in funding per pupil by 2019-20 as a result that mainstream schools, overall, would need to find £3 billion of efficiency savings by 2019-20.
The DfE said that the main group of schools likely to see reductions were those in Inner London and some other urban areas that have particularly benefitted from historic funding decisions and where underlying levels of deprivation have fallen over recent years (Harrow’s deprivation has not been seriously taken by the funding authorities).
In view of the Tories ever changing manifesto commitments, the teaching profession has no real confidence in the latest Tory promise to amend their funding formula plans. Moreover, finding more money for education now seems very unlikely because of the government’s £1 billion deal with Democratic Unionist Party to prop up Theresa May’s minority Government.
What Mr Blackman, who narrowly escaped defeat at the last general election, says “propaganda” by the schools is really a big public concern that by 2022 93% of schools will have per-pupil funding cut – £338 average loss per primary pupil and £436 average loss per secondary pupil.
Under the plans as they are, Harrow schools will face cuts (-£) due to NFF which could equate to, on average, the loss of at least two teachers in primary and six teachers in secondary schools.