Harrow shares national concerns

We hear concerns that when suited the government praise public sector workers but do not really value them to give them a wage rise, resulting in some turning at food banks.
Workers have had enough of this and so have the British public. Public sector pay cap must end.
Harrow can’t be detached from the national mood highlighted at 100,000 strong London march and rally on 1 July (click the play button to watch the video).

Tories are in retreat, and this is likely to include ending the public sector pay cap as Theresa May is under pressure by her senior cabinet ministers, including the previous Tory party leadership hopefuls Gove and Johnson.
This raises another serious concern: the Tory manifesto cost included cap, how the cost of ending the cap would be absorbed, given that DUP is badly shaking the ‘money tree’ – for example, enjoying £1b hand out and reportedly Tories paid £20,000 to fly DUP leader Arlene Foster back to Belfast in an RAF plane after Downing Street talks – despite commercial flights being available for as little as £41.