Tory ‘hypocrisy’ on sexual matters!

While the council is in summer recess, Edgware councillor Chika Amadi  (Lab) is facing calls to resign over her social media comments regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT).CA
Having seen some intriguing comments by Tories apparently supporting what Pink News has reported and is demanding, Tories seem to be mindful of their success at  Kenton East and would now welcome Edgware by-election.
In July, thousands of people joined the annual LGBT+ parade through the capital and Cllr Amadi reportedly said that Pride parade marchers are ‘traumatising’ little girls with nudity.
She allegedly wrote: “Nothing but paedophilia being labelled liberalism adults polluting children with their senselessness.”
In responding to the criticism about her comments, Cllr Amadi reportedly said, “Anyone who wants to bring me down from my political career because of my faith and stand on the word of God will encounter the burning anger of the God that I serve”.
Hopefully Labour would deal with Cllr Amadi accordingly but Tories have never taken any action against their Harrow East MP Bob Blackman for his controversial position on LGBT.
For example, in disapproving the same-sex relationships, Mr Blackman was widely reported saying, “I was one of those that strongly believed that Section 28 was the right rules to have in school so that we should not promote in any way shape or form promote same-sex relationships, I still abide by that and feel that is the right way forward, and if teachers are forced to say same-sex relationships are equivalent to heterosexual relationships I’d be very opposed to that.”
Section 28, introduced by Tory government and repealed by Labour, made it unlawful for local authorities to ‘promote homosexuality’.
Mr Blackman also voted against allowing marriage between two people of same sex.