New Tory group leader

Third time lucky, Cllr Paul Osborn (photo) has been elected as the new leader of the Tory group on the Harrow council. Hopefully the opposition would have a change of direction and attitudes, better than a hair-dresser shop gossip culture!AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWJAAAAJGJiNDEyNmRjLTQ3MzQtNGUxYy05MDA5LWM3NDJhM2JhNWNkNQ

Following our call ‘Time for Cllr Hall to step down’, Cllr Hall stepped down as the leader of the opposition Tory group at the Harrow council.
The Tory group members had rightly wished to use their voice and aimed for the change of direction to unite the group and demonstrate strength to voters (Tory group lost the councils in 2010 and 2014 as well as two by-elections in between, under Cllr Hall’s leadership) …  read more by clicking here
Out of the four candidates for the Tory group leadership election, we mentioned two:
Cllr Marilyn Ashton, past chairman and an officer of the Harrow East Conservatives Association, is a long standing Harrow councillor representing Stanmore ward. She knows how council works and has particular interest in planning matters. Cllr Ashton is calm, analytical and well respected widely.
Paul Osborn has been a Pinner councillor for many years. He, because of his ability in performance management, has been working with most senior officers at the council. He has been generally known as the non-confrontational face of the Tory group.
We hope Cllr Osborn would appreciate that in a local democracy both the administration and opposition have a crucial role in running the council for the benefit of the residents.
We hope he would work with all and demonstrate a non-vindictive approach.