Blackman slapped over Hive!

bb4Harrow East Tony MP Bob Blackman (photo) often uses Hive situations to stir up community emotions – particularly in the significantly Asian populated Edgware and Queensbury wards – for political gains.
This time, he raised superficial concerns about Hive and accused Harrow council for inaction at the Commons on 7 September, claiming breaches of the planning permission, negative impact of professional football played at the stadium and the sale of the site to ‘private companies’ – ‘Harrow council sold the site to Football First Ltd for about £2 million in March 2017’, Mr Blackman informed.
Hive at Camrose Ave, Edgware Harrow is a community facility offering both artificial and natural grass football pitches for hire at competitive rates. Barnet FC is the main user of the stadium and plays its professional games since it left Underhill in Barnet in 2013.
Harrow council in its brief in August 2013 pointed out, “The site benefits from planning permission which was implemented in 2008 (Tory administration). The use of the site for sports purposes is consistent with the Local Plan and the planning permission. The use of sports pitches (including the first team pitch in the stadium) is accordingly lawful.”
In responding to Mr Blackman’s concerns, Tory MP Marcus Jones Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State said, “As I understand it, the current home of Barnet Football Club, the Hive, has abided by all the conditions that the English Football League required of them,”
“The English Football League ratified Barnet’s move to the new home at the Hive, and I understand that the team continues to abide by the conditions required by the Football League” he added.
On planning matters, Mr Jones rebuked Mr Blackman, reminding him that any local opposition or support “will not necessarily result in the local planning authority refusing or granting planning permission; rather the decision maker will determine what weight to give to any material considerations.”
Regarding the disposal of public assets, Mr Jones explained that the Local Government Act 1972 gives councils the power to dispose of land “in any manner they wish, including by selling their freehold interest, granting a lease or assigning any unexpired term on a lease and granting easements.”
Mr Blackman sought confirmation that the Secretary of State has not given approval for the sale of this asset (Hive) outside the general rules that apply to the sale of public assets.
“I asked my officials whether any application was made to the Secretary of State in this case and I was informed this afternoon that no such application was made” the Under-Secretary of State replied.