Show ID to use the dump yard & pay for some waste disposal

Further to our report ‘New waste disposal plans’ in July,  the Harrow council has decided that all Harrow residents be required to produce proof of identification that they lived in the borough in order to dispose of household waste free of charge.DY
The ID to be presented on entry could be a Council Tax Bill, a Bank Statement, an Electric, Gas or Water Bill or a Driving licence.
‘There would be enough staff at the site to minimise any inconvenience or delays that the identification procedures could cause’ said a council staff.
Other changes from 13 November include a charge of £20 to non-residents using the Harrow Re-use and Recycling Centre (HRRC) at the Forward Drive per visit.
Harrow residents will be prevented from disposing of non-household waste free of charge, including building waste resulting from construction or demolition works and home renovation works.
The Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems (ANPR) will be used at the site to help control and restrict unauthorised usage.
Regarding no free of charge disposal of the waste from the home renovation works that has serious implications for the residents who carry out DIY activities, we were assured that the HRRC staff would be able to recognise which waste is coming from a builder or resident and helpfully deal with individual situations.
The council says that these measures are to reduce the number of vehicles visiting the site and traffic congestion as well as significantly reducing the amount of residual tonnage disposed of at the site and further reduce the amount of trade and business waste that is deposited at the site.