Sigh of relief for Blackman!

Contrary to the local Labour wishes, Labour National Executive Committee has declared Harrow East, one of the 46 marginal target parliamentary seats, as an all-women shortlist seat, practically eliminating a strong local contender like the London Assembly member Navin Shah to stand against the sitting MP Mr Blackman.
Mr Shah who impressively slashed Bob Blackman majority from 4,757 in 2015 to 1,757 at the last general election, had only few weeks to campaign with limited party support  as the bulk of Labour resources were invested in the other constituency, Harrow West.
The Labour tried the same elimination process in Harrow East before and their female candidate badly lost against Bob Blackman at the 2015 general election, giving rise to the rumours that someone is giving a helping hand to Mr Blackman by implications.
Mr Shah poses significant challenge to Mr Blackman like he previously  defeated Mr Blackman at the London Assembly election.
There is also serious criticism that why the Labour do not use safe seats to achieve the party’s goal of at least fifty percent of its MPs being female.
Kiran2Labour’s candidate selection is likely to begin after their Conference on Sunday. Unlike recent selections in which shortlists were decided by an NEC-appointed panel, now local members will control the process.
One local candidate talked about is the Queensbury ward councillor Kiran Ramchandani (photo) who could fit Harrow East mould well  because of her backing for certain communities, matching Mr Blackman’s divisive strategy for votes!