Hate crime remains a challenge

Hate_Crime_reporting_contactsIn the hate crime awareness week running till 21st October, Harrow council news release informs, “Joint partnership and work between the council, schools, youth groups, police, community leaders and the voluntary sector has helped build the strong community relations we have today”.
But nationally the number of hate crimes in England and Wales has increased by 29%, according to Home Office statistics.
There were 80,393 recorded offences in 2016-17, compared with 62,518 in 2015-16, the largest increase since the Home Office began recording figures, with a spike in hate crime around the time of the EU referendum. Race hate crime rose to 62,685 (78%) in 2016-17.
This ongoing crime situation is mostly because the focus is on dealing with the crime rather than addressing why things are as they are.
Also, in profiling hate crimes, the authorities, including in Harrow, call for more hate crimes to be reported but many are not reported due to low confidence of the victims or potential victims because of the lack of any positive outcomes in most cases. For example, only 39 per cent of British Jews feel confident that antisemitic hate crimes against them would be prosecuted, 52 per cent believe that the CPS is doing too little to fight anti-Semitism.
Statistical evidence indicates, that only few reported hate crimes are taken up by the Crown Prosecution Service because of the lack of clear and substantial evidence. These crimes are difficult to prosecute because of the high burden prosecutors face when proving that the defendant’s bias indeed motivated the crime.
What happens in macro must happen in micro!
It is very concerning that public money is being wasted in superficially acknowledging  the hate crimes without really addressing these: for example by dealing with the upsurge of far right extremism, far right media and politicians which cause  random race/ religion hate crimes, especially since the Tory racist overtone at the last London mayor election and EU referendum scaremongering by others.